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Variable Control Perimeter Induction Unit (V-PIU)

With many recent facilities seeking out to replace age-old induction units, owners and building operators are giving extra weightage to newer generation Induction units that mark significant up-gradation to their old Induction system that perhaps operated for 40 years or so.

With the pandemic situations on the go, more and more building operators and designers are looking at Displacement Ventilation, a means to keep indoors flushed of stale air thereby preventing viruses and other airborne contaminants away from the breathing zones.

Variable Control Perimeter Induction Unit

With Displacement Ventilation design, EB Air supplied Induction units with efficient nozzles can generate higher velocity pressure to offset stale and create fresh air plume giving to the Coanda effect. EB Air’s Induction unit uses aerodynamic nozzles with a plug-in mechanism that eliminates air stratification also optimizing displacement airflow by pushing the stale warm air above and thereby exhausting such from the occupied zone.

Occupancy mode with energy savings is also actively targeted by building owners who wish to operate floor-wise perimeter Induction units and vary flow as required basis. EB Air too has offered units with built-in CAV/VAV flow controllers directed by intelligent controls. By creating some simple logic and guided by building/room control setpoints,

EB Air Induction units will offer adequate supply air both at high and low modes. With QUIET operations and flexibility to customize units that fit any existing window cavities, EB Air Induction units have come a long way to providing what is required in retrofit situations, in fact offering building operators more benefits and savings than one can imagine out of Induction Units, once considered outdated technology.

ebair_wpVariable Control Perimeter Induction Unit (V-PIU)

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