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Waste Water Treatment Bubble Tight Damper

EB Air Heavy Duty Damper installation at Waste Water Treatment Plant- With Gear Chain operation

In recent times EB Air heavy duty dampers were utilized for a large Waste Water Treatment facility in British Columbia. Dampers are used for extraction of outside air as well for exhaust while the dilution is made in the chamber to ward off unwanted gases like methane or hydrogen sulphide in gaseous form.

Bubble Tight Damper

Some of these EB Air 60 inches round dampers built is 316SS were installed above the ground ( approx. 40-50ft above ground level)ng attached to the duct work and use of chain/ pulleys to navigate the manual gear either to open or close position. The Annacis WWTP and the HEAD WORKS is designed to service many municipalities as such new sedimentation tanks were built to facilitate plant’s existing tanks to filter out everything from heavy solids to soaps and scums. EB Air dampers with its efficient operation and sealing mechanism will drastically reduce any failure/ downtime at the WWTP process time thereby saving of significant energy and supplementary operations.

Water Treatment Bubble Tight Damper

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ebair_wpWaste Water Treatment Bubble Tight Damper

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