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Shut Off Damper – Gas Tight Dampers

What is Gas Tight Damper?


Gas tight dampers: An overview

The general gas tight damper keeps the air either trapped into the system or lets it out. They complement the down flow induction unit to monitor the airflow across the system.

Sometimes known as tight seal dampers because they can keep the warm air trapped inside the chimney or the system they are installed in. They seal the flue in such a manner that it doesn’t let the air out in any way.

Gas tight / shut off dampers are installed at the mouth of the open unit. Companies providing air management solutions sell these seal-tight dampers, which can be installed at any location.

It attaches to the top of the flue’s tile lining. It achieves excellent efficiency and durability, ensuring that external particles do not get in and the heat doesn’t go out.

Benefits of gas tight dampers

Sealed-off or shut off dampers are excellent in their functioning. Experts consider them remarkable in maintaining the airflow inside the ventilation system. Here are a few benefits of gas-tight dampers that work well with the downflow induction unit –

  • Reduces heat loss

One of the biggest benefits of a shut off damper is that it is exceptional at trapping heat inside the ventilation system. They offer greater efficiency by enabling a high amount of heat retention.

In this way, the heating system will use much less energy than it would have otherwise. It will also save you a lot of money as the energy consumption will be less.

  • Prevents foreign particles

Having a sealed-off damper is installed at the mouth of the ventilation system, foreign particles can be prevented from entering. Anything can fall inside the unit that is not properly covered or sealed with the gas-tight dampers.

If there are any flammable substances, they can also lead to fire as there is excessive heat already gathered inside the system.

  • Easy-to-use

EB gas tight dampers are extremely easy to operate and maintain. No hassles involved after installation, since it is simple to use.

The handle for opening and closing the damper is readily available, making it easier to operate. There is not much to do, which ensures that someone who doesn’t know anything about dampers can also use them.

The gas tight dampers are an important part of a smooth-functioning ventilation system. EB Air Control is a reliable manufacturer of shut off dampers that can ensure proper monitoring and regulation of your ventilation system. We provide air management solutions for a wide variety of industries ranging from manufacturing units to power plants.

Wrapping up

The gas-tight/ shut off dampers are an essential component for maintaining the airflow inside an HVAC system. Here is everything you need to know, including the benefits, of shut off tight dampers. To inquire more about gas tight dampers/shut off dampers, contact us.

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