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Zero Leakage EB Air Damper for Containment System

Recently EB Air Control concluded few tests for Damper leakage to validate tight seal on critical applications. The company has been receiving a lot of enquiries on applications pertaining to sealing airflow, preventing cross-contamination as well as undue spillage, or mixing foul air in unwanted spaces.

Test results have shown that EB Air Bubble Tight/ Low Leakage Dampers are able to handle and prevent leakage under extreme conditions.

Prevention of Cross Contamination and contaminants spread

This is good news as many facilities are scrambling to upgrade and revisit their HVAC system to making sure that the working environment for people and extreme critical facilities like healthcare, labs are safe and preventable from faulty systems.

Studies have shown that COVID-19 is airborne and can sustain in that space for an extended period.

ebair_wpZero Leakage EB Air Damper for Containment System

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