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IRIS Damper

Iris damper is essentially a modulating damper that precisely controls the input/output of air by mere adjustment of simple mechanism. Like aperture of a camera that controls the flow of light, Iris dampers adjusts the air flow by precise adjustment of its blades through control mechanism. This type of damper is used for modulating precise flow of air at a given condition.

Damper Bank

These are series of damper assigned in a bank arrangement both horizontally/vertically to cover a required opening area. The main advantage of damper bank is control as well shut off flow of a larger area. Damper bank can also be synchronized to modulate flow by opening/closing of required dampers. Damper banks can be made in satin coat or stainless steel construction in sections as well.

Commercial Air Tight Damper

Positive Seal dampers are capable to open/close mechanism as well providing air tight sealing at pressure range up to 4 inches w.g. Ideal for O/A intake, isolation as well offering modulating and shut off operation. Economically priced for high efficiency operation.

Available in both Square and Round configuration with size starting from, 8”, 10”, 12”,14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”

Tight Seal damper for Fumigation application is application where special chambers being isolated where fruits/ vegetables and other items are being stored for a prolonged time essentially maintaining product freshness. More and more seal tight/ shut off dampers like EB Air Zero leakage type are being used thereby eliminating any risk of undue leakage.

Along with Fumigation, the EB Air Zero leakage shut off damper are being extensively used for decontamination, laboratory, hospital with any air flow path that requires full shut off/seal at medium to high pressure. Many classified projects involving sensitive environment are following high quality EB Air damper given the result is proven and the product functions flawlessly for many years. Dampers are Quality certified under ISO-9001 and meeting leak standard of ASME AG-1, 2015, section DA 5141:

We make custom size dampers matching to any duct sizes.

South and East Asia presence

South and East Asia Presence EB Air Control Inc is a manufacturer of highest quality HVAC products with strong characteristics towards design and technology for “indoor air comfort and quality”. With a combined experience of over 27 years, EB Air is poised to handling projects that demands highest quality, performance and solution. Innovation EB Air

Rectangular Damper

EB Air Rectangular Dampers are designed for commercial applications with power open, power close three wire Belimo/ Neptronic actuator on our opposed multi blade aluminum damper offers superior life and outstanding performance. The finest damper and motor combination is available in different sizes to suit any duct opening requirement. Outstanding flexibility and availability in different materials make this damper a quick solution worth for money.

Butterfly Flat Dish Circular Damper ( BFD )

This is a hybrid version of EB Air range of dampers possessing extreme good seal conditions as well performance. The damper consists of flat dish that is fused to the shaft allowing easy movement of dish action with the assist of Tandem Seal and ball bearing located on either side of the casing. Tandem Seal is used to prevent any leakage around the opening of shaft penetration. Robust and well built this damper has found many applications in the overseas market. Various sizes starting from 6 inches to 36 inches are available. Casing materials are optional and can be made to suiting the project application.

Bubble Tight Industrial Damper

In today’s world of particulate matter, harmful chemicals, and noxious gases; bubble-tight dampers are playing a more important role than ever.  At most with bubble-tight dampers, you want to ensure they are properly built and tested before they leave the factory to be installed on a critical project.

Each bubble tight damper is manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility as well EB Air test bubble-tight dampers to the strictest standards. Every damper we manufacture is tested to the AMCA Standard 500D requirements, which also meets ASME N509 test standards for nuclear air and gas treatment.

EB Air Bubble Tight Damper – Testing Tightness Per The Standard

The Standard model AMCA 500D, allows for a 1/16-inch bubble to form in one second, or a 1/4-inch bubble to form in 60 seconds. Prior to testing the damper, the damper is cycled open and closed a minimum of 10 times to properly set the seals.

To perform accurate testing, a bubble tight damper is attached to the test chamber and secured to make an airtight seal against the opening.  Thereafter pressure is applied on the concave side of the damper inside the test chamber.

While testing, we over pressurize the system by a minimum of 10% to ensure a reasonable margin of safety. Once the damper is pressurized, a commercially available soap and water solution is applied to test all the potential leak paths.

Also, we apply the solution around the seal perimeter where the dish comes in contact with the damper frame. Other possible leak paths include: the dish bracket area of the dish, the tandem seal used to secure shaft and hold the dish assembly. Once complete with concave side of the damper, the outside areas are verified as well – which includes frame welding, shaft penetration and welded threaded bolt locations.

Both inside and outside testing of the damper is carried out with the chamber, and the damper is also flipped over and verified for bubble tightness in the opposite direction. Upon completion of the test, a report is filled out and attached to the damper for shipment. Read more.

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About Us With a combined experience of over 27 years, EB Air is poised to handling projects that demands highest quality performance and solution. ABOUT EB AIR CONTROL INC. EB Air Control Inc. was incorporated to providing highest quality solutions for HVAC and related industries with strong characteristics towards design and technology for “indoor air comfort


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