Induction Terminal Chilled Beam


This is ceiling mounted air distribution product that delivers high volume/capacity of heating/cooling for a given space. As this operates by Induction principle, there are no moving parts hence little or no maintenance. These units are ideal for offices, schools, universities where load capacity is high with more expensive traditional systems. This system qualifies for energy credit since it operates at a lower pressure as well offers good ROI.


Used for large areas in classroom, schools, universities, libraries, offices where both heating and cooling is required. Higher capacity can be achieved with a single unit as a relatively greater delta T between EWT and Room temperature can be achieved.

Condensation of untreated air infiltration is collected with a built-in drain pan that collects the condensate and drains it out. Shut off mechanism can also be provided to ensure there is no overflow or clogging of drains. These units can also achieve a relatively low noise level as well as a greater throw to cover a wider footprint.

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