Bag In Bag Out Housing


The Bag in Bag out (BIBO) is filter housing is fully welded contsruction designed for critical air applications. A ribbed collar privides for PVC bag attachment with each unit’s door so easy access to servicing flters can be made without coming in contact with contaminated ones. A varirty of options can be provided for each units applications depending on the requirement of end user. Each section can be provided with a locking door for HEPA/ Adsorber section so no access can be made during operation of the system. These locked access doors can be opened to servicing HEPA or carbon adsorber section.

Bag in Bag Out housing are fully welded construction and all BIBO housings are factory pressure decay tested in accordance with ANSI/ASME-N510 1995, Pressure Vessel Code IX,. The units are tested at around +/- 10″WG to ensure there are no leakages or pressure loss through the housing structure. Bag in Bag Out housings normally accomodates HEPA or High efficient filters both at upstream and downstream locations to capture the particulates that encompasses the air stream.


Most applications of BIBO housings are catered but not limited to following;
a. Isolation Rooms
b. Hospital Units
c. Nanotechnology
d. Clean Rooms
e. Pharmaceutical and Bio Safety Laboratories.
Normally BIBO housings are designed for high pressure, low volume applications. Access to the housing can be made from the top or side depending on the design and requirement. For most applications BIBO contsruction is made of SS-304 SS with optional SS-316 with # 2B finish. All accessories are made of same variety of SS to ensure similar quality and robustness of the system.

Optional supplies;
1. Double wall contsruction
2. Bubble Tight Dampers ( Inlet/Outlet)
3. Static ports
4. Magnehelic/Photohelic gages
5. Dood latchees
6. High temperature gaskets
7. Pressure ports