Butterfly Flat Dish Circular Damper ( BFD )


This is a hybrid version of EB Air range of dampers possessing extreme good seal conditions as well performance. The damper consists of flat dish that is fused to the shaft allowing easy movement of dish action with the assist of Tandem Seal and ball bearing located on either side of the casing. Tandem Seal is used to prevent any leakage around the opening of shaft penetration. Robust and well built this damper has found many applications in the overseas market. Various sizes starting from 6 inches to 36 inches are available. Casing materials are optional and can be made to suiting the project application.


EB Air BFD (Butterfly Flat Dish) dampers provide a simple and cost effective method of control and isolation. Stainless steel dampers for ambient to high temperature applications are available in a variety of sizes. Robust sealing arrangements can be used to provide the correct efficiency for any application. Sealing efficiency can be increased to 100% with the addition of strong gaskets coupled with properly sealing shaft penetration. Butterfly dampers can be actuated pneumatically, electrically or manually by a simple hand lever or an efficient actuator.

For EB Air Standard Range of Butterfly Dampers please contact the factory.