Chilled Beam Okni


OKNI Active Chilled Beam is a sheet metal air distribution unit with a cooling or cooling & heating coil.  The Active Chilled Beam is duct connected to the central air handling system which provides conditioned fresh air to rooms for ventilation purposes and is also supplied with hot and/or cold water to comfort condition the space.

The operation of the Active Chilled Beam is based upon the old principle of induction whilst utilizing modern energy-friendly technology like geothermal and heat pump systems for the production of hot and cold water which provides a “green” solution to the comfort control of most buildings

In most buildings, the OKNI Active Chilled Beam unit is integrated flush in a suspended ceiling. The powder-coated sheet metal faceplate combines linear slots for the supply of air into the room with a perforated central section for induced return air. All the components are combined in one simple unit with the option of factory-fitted controls.


The OKNI Active chilled beam system, is a high capacity device designed for ventilation, cooling and heating of areas with ceiling heights up to 3 metres.

The beam has been designed for integration with suspended ceilings with 300, 450 or 600 mm centres. Integration in a sheet metal cassette ceiling is a possibility. Module sizes range from 1200 to 3000 mm.

Suitable for most suspended ceiling systems employing Tee- bar or lattice supports, the beam can be supplied in any length from 1140 to 2995 mm in 5mm steps. Due to its lightweight construction, it is possible to mount the type 300 in a Tee-bar ceiling or to suspend each beam on drop rods or wires. We suggest types 600 to be suspended on drop rods or wires.

The closed beam supplies air from both sides and due to its high induction rate can be mounted parallel to the perimeter in the middle of an office. In order to obtain an efficient combination of ventilation and cooling capacity, three different nozzle types are available.

To facilitate nozzle and coil cleaning the perforated faceplate is removable without the need for tools.


The Active Chilled beam provides the following benefits

1. No fan in the room – therefore no electrical supply.
2. No air filter
3. Low maintenance
4. Coldwater typically 57 °F / 14 °C
5. No condensation drain
6. Hot water typically 122 °F / 50 °C
7. Integration with simple or intelligent control systems.
8. Low operating noise

The Active Chilled Beam can be a simple stand-alone unit or can be combined with light fittings, audio and sprinkler systems etc. to provide a multi-service functionality.


The units are typically used in the following types of buildings:

  • Commercial offices
  • Schools, universities, congress centres, etc.
  • Government institutions like city halls, libraries, etc.
  • Hotels
  • Laboratories

The units require limited building space for comfort control and the system operating conditions provide the advantages of:

  • Smaller central air handling unit.
  • Smaller ductwork distribution.
  • Smaller hot and cold water pipework
  • Low unit height means reduced suspended ceiling

The system reduces running costs by:

  • Reducing the supply conditions of fresh air, and the cooling, heating of the building.
  • Very efficient and energy-friendly, therefore, reducing the cost of central systems.
  • Integration with intelligent control systems will optimize energy costs reducing primary airflow rate when unoccupied and benefiting from free cooling when possible.
  • No specific maintenance is needed, no moving parts, filters etc.

The use of the OKNI Active Chilled Beam is growing, since the market for the application of induction units is increasing rapidly in buildings in more parts of the world and now provides clients with an alternative to traditional systems like VAV or CAV, Fan Coil- and VRV-systems.