Constant Flow Controller


The VCMH is a mechanical constant volume damper. The damper is designed to maintain the design volume independent of inlet pressure. The design volume (m3/h) is easily set by adjustment of the external sliding scale. The operating range of the damper is 0.2 – 4″ wg (+/-5%). Velocities < 390 fpm may give inaccuracies of up to 15%.



Seven model sizes available in this design with volume range (30- 1300 CFM) with low pressure drop. The model has low response pressure. The unit can be mounted horizontal, vertical or at an angle. Each unit can be fully adjusted on the site within its operating limits.
The VCMH constant volume damper is not affected by the mounting position. The technical specifications are only valid if the supply to the unit is even. It is recommended that inlet ductwork matches the model size and is 3 XD mm straight in length.