Damper Bank (Damper Array)


These are series of damper assigned in a bank arrangement both horizontally/vertically to cover a required opening area. The main advantage of damper bank is control as well shut off flow of a larger area. Damper bank can also be synchronized to modulate flow by opening/closing of required dampers. Damper banks can be made in satin coat or stainless steel construction in sections as well.

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Damper wall is used for large openings where modulating/ shut off of air flow is important. On account of inherent robustness of these dampers, tight sealing is easily achievable for applications pertaining to Air handling unit, Bag in Bag out , Louver walls, large ducts etc.

Users can apply single damper bank in lieu of multiple dampers on an opening which shall reduce the cost as well operations and maintainability. Actuation as well controls are also significantly less.