Garage Demand Flow Ventilation


One of the major causes of air pollution in underground parking lots is the exhaust gas emitted from cars. There are a lot of harmful chemical substances in exhaust gas. One of them is CO gas whose concentration needs to be kept under the limit by using ventilation facilities. An economic ventilation system is commonly used in underground parking lots to keep polluted zones to a minimum. This helps maintain good indoor air quality and prevents condensation during summer. It sprays car exhaust gas in underground parking lots in high speed and swiftly induces gas to the exhaust pipe.


The single fan system is specially designed and manufactured with a low-noise fan, a simple structure and a precise specification to support ventilation facilities in large spaces and underground parking lots.

  • Shortens floor height as it requires no ductwork
  • Supports high-efficiency ventilation by mixing airflow
  • Keeps operation silent by running low-noise mode


  • Air Flow : 2200 ~ 7000 CFM
  • Power Consumption : 0.175 ~ 1.5 Kw
  • Voltage & Frequency : 1Ø/220V/50(60)Hz
  • Decibel : 65 dB(A)