Gas Tight Damper


The modern gas-tight damper is designed in such a way that it can isolate sections of a ventilation system with an extremely high level of sealing (shut-off). This may be necessary for safety reasons under certain operating conditions.

EB Air IPSD series shut-off dampers are designed to work after closure, even with a failure in the power supply to the actuator, the gas-tight damper maintains the closure sealed in accordance with KTA 1401 (Guidelines for Nuclear Power Plants) and for Oil and Gas applications. Our compact design with a robust actuator mechanism of shut-off dampers allows installation in any orientation.

Why EB Air Gas Tight Dampers?

EB Air Gas Tight dampers have a unique sealing mechanism that keeps the dish tight even on a high-pressure duct line and system. All EB Air Control Gas Tight Dampers strictly follow ASME Sec IXPressure Vessel Code certification of welding/ Brazing procedures hence each damper is thoroughly tested before shipping out against any flaws.

Several EB Air Gas Tight Dampers are successfully installed and operating in Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Marine and other process locations. Our shut-off gas tight dampers have been rigorously tested for 250,000 cycles Open/Close and yet the mechanism including gaskets has worked well without failure.

The gas tight dampers are an essential component that blocks or allows the airflow inside ventilation systems. They can easily isolate a section of the ventilation by offering a high-level of shut-off.

There are certain operating conditions that make gas tight dampers important for ventilation. Even when there is a power failure, the gas tight damper works perfectly well with the downflow induction unit.

The robust actuator mechanism enables the damper to be installed at any location with ease. When there is a high-pressure duct line or system, the dampers keep the duct tight with its unique sealing mechanism. It can be installed on structures like bridges, bulkheads, or directly onto the side of the ships. They ensure a feasible level of tightness.

Gas tight dampers are one of those air management solutions that properly regular the airflow in and out of the ventilation. In this article, we will highlight everything that you need to know about shut-off gas tight dampers. We will also focus on understanding the benefits of gas-tight dampers in detail to ensure you get complete details before purchasing the product.

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It can be installed on structures like bridges, bulkheads, or directly onto the side of the ships.