Induction Unit


Induction unit are available in various sizes to matching any existing retrofit application and size. Can be custom fit on any given space. Available both on floor mounted as well perimeter ceiling mounted with drain pan. Low noise and high capacity units are also available with high induction ratio.

Nozzle, Induction Chilled Beam, PIU ( Perimeter Induction unit), Low Noise Induction Unit

PIU ( Perimeter Induction unit) in recent times are more efficient as well owners/engineers/ architects are looking for replacement models that are capable, versatile and able to deliver within given blanket space. Efficient controls mechanism are also installed to integrate PIU with building BACnet system thereby able to vary air or water as required per building occupancy.

EB Air recent replacement PIU projects have entailed custom modifications of units to fit inside tight space as well remotely control operations. Several new features like adjustable collars, adjustable base height were incorporated giving the building operator ability fine tune based on site factors. Moreover new generation EB Air units are able to operate at half the original inlet pressure which at the end is a winner for both energy and savings.


Application includes office buildings, schools, hotels, high rise, etc. In modern times induction unit are more adapted working with low pressure and giving high capacity. On account of no moving parts these system is quiet and extremely easy to maintain. It can easily adapt to any condition and there is no additional energy usage as used in conventional fan coil system. Lately lot of buildings are converting to perimeter induction unit to maintain a right temperature/ air flow gradient between perimeter and inner core offices. These units are extremely simple to install and has zero maintenance costs over the life of the system as well these are economical and can easily fit into any existing enclosures. For more details please refer EB Air Induction unit brochure.