Induction Unit


The induction unit is available in various sizes to best match any existing retrofit application and size. It can be custom fit in any given space. Available both on floor mounted and perimeter ceiling mounted with drain pan. Low noise and high capacity units are also available with a high induction ratio.

Nozzle, Induction Chilled Beam, PIU (Perimeter Induction Unit), CIU (Ceiling Induction Unit), Low Noise Induction Units

PIU (Perimeter Induction Unit) in recent times is more efficient as well owners/engineers/ architects are looking for replacement models that are capable, versatile, and able to deliver within given blanket space. Efficient controls mechanism can Bebe installed to integrate PIU with building a BACnet system, thereby able to vary air or water as required per building occupancy.

EB Air’s recent replacement PIU projects have entailed custom modifications of units to fit inside tight space as well as remotely control operations. Several additional features like adjustable collars, adjustable base height are incorporated giving the building operator ability to fine-tune based on site factors. Moreover, new generation EB Air units are able to operate at half the original inlet pressure, which at the end is a winner for both energy and savings.

Product Description

Long Induction Units

EB Air Control’s new version of extended IU-140 and IU-160 measurings a length of 56–77” is capable of replacing the old designed long Induction Unit model. This enables or enhances the capacity of serving a given area with a single unit rather than multiple.

Often capacity becomes an issue when trying to capture with a standard length unit when either thicker coils are used or ramping us working pressure to compensating extra induced air that is generated of higher velocity. Of course, all these gateways cost higher pressure drop, noise, and unwarranted coil fouling/ choking, etc. With longer units not only EB Air is able to address similar replacements but offer better output conditions at the same time conserve energy compared to old existing units.

We encourage building managers, HVAC consultants to contact the factory for more details and assessments to best fit the given area/ enclosure.

Bipolar Ionizer

Induction Unit with Bipolar Ionizer- Making Office Space Safe

As more offices and other commercial spaces are starting up operations, occupants are concerned regarding how safe it is to go back and work from outside the home environment… The feeling and concern are apparent given there is no clear-cut signal as to when this pandemic will end and normal life shall restore, more so for an average person getting a dose of vaccine is far-fetched.

D5-Ionizer-Inside-Induction-UnitConsidering the above sentiment, many office buildings that have Induction units are evaluating situations and connected with EB Air Control to assess steps towards making indoor air less potent to virus transmission as well as utilizing the perimeter Induction units to flush office space/ spots with sterilized air.

Per EB Air, fitting Bipolar Ionizer inside each perimeter IU is a prudent way to getting things started quickly, moreover with little or no maintenance on Bipolar Ionizers and Induction unit, the idea was a champion.

The concept was well-received by many Owners, Engineers, Property Managers immediately incorporated. Today most Induction Unit projects that EB Air handle provides an option for owners to consider using Bipolar units in their facility thus allowing people to return and work indoors with confidence and assurance of safety.

As of date, EB Air continues working with various locations through assessing existing Induction units and offering the most competent solutions from Energy Savings and Sterilization standpoint.

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Application includes office buildings, schools, hotels, high rise, etc. In modern times induction unit are more adapted working with low pressure and giving high capacity. On account of no moving parts these system is quiet and extremely easy to maintain. It can easily adapt to any condition and there is no additional energy usage as used in conventional fan coil system. Lately lot of buildings are converting to perimeter induction unit to maintain a right temperature/ air flow gradient between perimeter and inner core offices. These units are extremely simple to install and has zero maintenance costs over the life of the system as well these are economical and can easily fit into any existing enclosures. For more details please refer EB Air Induction unit brochure.


From small device Enclosure to large HVAC units, we can provide Custom designed-any size or shape products to fit your needs.
Our standard designed Enclosures and covers are used for:
• Schools/ Universities
• Office buildings
• Healthcare units and Hospitals
• Common areas in Residential and Commercial buildings

Custom Units mostly used with:
• Fan-Coil
• Convectors
• Induction Unit
• Fin tube
• Radiant Panel
• Heat pump and more

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