Modular Air Handling Unit


EB Air MODPAK Air Handling Unit (AHU) is designed to deliver air at optimum efficiency keeping the design compact and affordable. Superior to existing technologies, the EB Air MODPAK system provides unparalleled performance compared to such systems in the market.

The capacity ranges from 5000- 20000 CFM, they are more than a match for many demanding applications. Modular units for floor-by-floor applications are also available.

EB Air MODPAK is available for indoor or outdoor installations and can be built as drawn through or blow through configurations. Mathematical modelling was conducted towards developing right inlet and outlet conditions for abating unwanted noise and vibration at the source.

Sometimes aerodynamic designs are configured to provide smooth air transition causing minimum pressure drop across the system. For special design and configuration, please contact the factory.


EB Air, MOD-PAK Air handling units are developed for specific applications coupled with designs that involve principles of aerodynamics and mathematical modeling to determine which systems operate more efficiently for constant or variable volume system. EB Air Control concentrates on research and development for manufacturing of custom/ semi custom Air handling unit that strives for quality and performance. EB Air works with dedicated personnel to determine optimal AHU solution for each client.

For size and application/ selection, please contact the factory.

Indoor Sterilization

AHU Bipolar IonizerEB Air now offers a Bipolar Ionizer rack arrangement to treat Mixed Air inside AHU.

EB Air Control Inc. offers efficiently designed and engineered air handling units for institutional and commercial applications

AIRFLOW RANGE: 1000 CFM to 25,000 CFM (Standard Models). Higher capacity units are also available.

TOTAL STATIC PRESSURE: 1” W.G to 5” W.G. (Higher pressure is also an option)

Economizer feature allows up to 100% variable outdoor air either for free cooling or for increased ventilation as needed in the occupied space. The Economizer cycle is either activated by an ambient air dry bulb/enthalpy sensor for free cooling or an auto/manual cycle for enhanced ventilation.

During the economizer cycle O/A damper fully opens to bring 100% outside air; the R/A damper fully closes diverting all return air to the economizer fan which starts running with the gravity damper in the open position and exhausting all air to outside.

Per new ventilation requirement and Indoor safety along with enhanced air quality, EB Air is taking an active step to offering new and existing customers Bipolar Ionizer option for AHUs which will enhance the quality of supply air to buildings and remove any airborne contaminants that cannot be trapped by existing media.

For details pls contact factory.