Raised Floor C-PAK Cooling Unit


The environmental control C-PAK unit shall be provided with a high sensible cooling system, factory assembled, piped, wired, and run tested prior to shipment and designed for either up flow or down flow air delivery as detailed on the project plans and schedule. The system shall be designed for draw through air arrangement to insure even air distribution to the entire face of the coil. The Unit is designed for low noise, vibration with using EC motor fans that sets to operate with lower energy consumption during all 24/7 operations. The unit can be constructed of single/double layered skin thus also preventing breakout noise in areas of noise sensitive operation. For specification and sizes, kindly contact factory.


Today’s data processing industry is aimed at creating and up scaling data centers for seamless operation of powerful high density servers in extremely scalable and evolving environment. The industry standards together with government legislation are driving factors towards designing high efficiency data centers. Today’s High Density Servers and their peripherals are tied in a well designed infrastructure that works together perfectly with increased efficiency, reducing overall dimensions and containing costs, thanks to elimination of duplicated resources which can often be seen in stack server execution within individual racks. Power usage for modern servers has increased over triple fold in this decade requiring high volume of cooled air at full load in order to maintain optimum working conditions and reliability. Although High density servers are self ventilated allowing horizontal air discharge through the rack itself, uniform air distribution at correct temperature keep the servers operating at optimum condition with minimum or no outage time. EB Air designed units have evolved as a flexible precision cooling system which rapidly adapts to thermal conditions, providing correct distribution, filtration and cooling and humidity control of challenging IT environment.
total pressure

velocity diagram

air-flow traditional systems

  • If the air flow distance from CRAC increases, pressure of air decreases.
  • Hot and cold air is mixed inevitably and interchangeably.
  • Non-uniform (uneven) distribution of cold air, top of the rack is not sufficiently cooled. It results is HOT AND COLD SPOTS.
  • 75 % of all server failures happen at the 1/3 top section of the racks.

EB Air precision cooling units (C PAK) ensures that optimum temperature, air quality and other conditions are maintained as necessary to maintaining a trouble free operation of vital technological processes. Proper systems are incorporated to manage the requisite functions of cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and filtration. With proper controls EB Air (C PAK) cooling system can integrate and interface with typical building management system.