Spillrite Vacuums Canada


Spillrite Pte, Australia is a world leader in design and supply of air operated vacuums for last 15 years. Spillrite line of air vacuums have been sold all over the world with rich concentration in Australia, Far East Asia, North America, and Western Europe. Today, Spillrite Vacuums Canada (part of the Spillrite family) manufactures a wide variety of air industrial vacuum cleaners in Canada.

Our vacuums can be used in most applications and require compressed air to operate including in applications that require anti-static vacuums that dissipate any build up of static electricity. Spillrite group companies have presence in Australia, UK and Canada. With multiple manufacturing locations, Spillrite can manufacture and ship units anywhere in the world quickly. Here in Canada, we strive to shipping units within a very short time from receipt of an order. Spillrite Vacuums Canada makes all vacuums locally at their facility in Mississauga, ON, Canada. The company maintains production under Quality Assurance program and all finished products are in strict quality compliance prior to delivery.

Our Top Clients:

United States: California | Virginia | Maryland | New York | Massachusetts
Canada: Ontario | British Columbia | Quebec | Alberta | Nova Scotia