Variable Air Volume (VAV) Box


EB Air VAV box is a twofold operation HVAC system, CAV (constant Air Volume) which supply a constant airflow at a variable temperature whereas VAV (Variable Air Volume) system varies the airflow at a constant temperature. The advantages of EB Air VAV system over constant-volume system include more precise temperature control, lower energy consumption by system fans, less fan noise, and additional passive dehumidification. EB Air VAV boxes are offered with controller/actuator combination along with air sensing device for accurate assessment of pressure independent operation. EB Air boxes come is 6 sizes with optional features and attachments. For design and details, kindly contact factory.


The EB Air terminal units are among the most versatile single duct air control products in the market. The unit provides compact design, versatility and easy integration with most building automation control packages. The compact design with easy maintenance helps these units to be laid out for any application in the buildings or enclosed space where control and sequence of air flow is of utmost importance. The EB-TB-001 series are available with pneumatic, analog or electronic control options for proper maintenance of design CFM regardless of system pressure by using control packages designed to be compatible with control systems produced by industry standard manufacturers. Proper integration and robust quality makes EB Air Terminal