Venturi Air Valve


This air flow device maintains Constant or Variable volume airflow by accurately reading the external conditions to deliver actual airflow required to condition critical areas. Very commonly used in laboratories, research facilities with high air changes and balanced pressurization. The device requires I/O signal as well algorithmic data transfer protocols from building management system as well loops to provide required feedback. This device can work in both Constant and variable volume mode.


Generally used in laboratories, research centers, bio safety cabinets etc where maintenance of pressure, temperature, and air flow is optimum to keeping the room/unit well calibrated. These devices are sensitive and can react in fraction of second to external signal that is being applied to react to an operation. Venturi Valves have become an important part of any lab design and with greater sophistication, these are expected to operate and communicate with Building control management system. Available in many sizes (6, 8, 10, 12 inches) as well additional fittings like re-heat transition, silencer can also be provided. Currently we are offering only low to mid range pressure systems. (0.3-3″wg)