XJ-2 Isolation Room Air Cleaner

EB AIR CONTROL Supplied XJ-2 Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Unit

Negative Pressure Applications
• Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
• Bird Flu
• Measles and Smallpox
• COVID-19



• Proven over years of manufacturing
• Independently tested in its entirety
• Infinitely adjustable with a large maximum flow rate to ensure compliance with both negative pressure & ACH
• Accessories for convenient use in the actual world
• Flexible – easily switch between re-circulation and positive/negative pressure
• Cost-effective–money spent on the components that perform, nothing more


  • Isolation Room Cleaners
  • Patient Room HEPA Cleaner
  • Negative Patient Room
  • Office Air Recirculation
  • Air Cleaner for Virus, Bacteria in Hospitals