EB Air Control Inc. was incorporated to providing highest quality solutions for HVAC and related industries with strong characteristics towards design and technology for “indoor air comfort and quality”.

With a combined market presence of over 27 years, EB Air is poised to handling projects that demands highest quality performance and solution.

EB Air control has its manufacturing and testing location where qualified team works towards developing and building highest quality products at economical value, fulfilling the requirement of energy savings and other added benefits to owners.

Our expanded approach has taken the EB Air brand beyond a single border to many regions including South and East Asia, the Americas as well as Eastern and Southern Europe for many critical applications and sustainable design.

EB Air is dedicated to providing solutions for retrofit and new applications in commercial and industrial buildings through a range of innovative products. EB Air’s highest priority is to provide continuous improvement of existing products such as full range of Low Leakage Bubble Tight Damper, Ceiling and Perimeter Induction System, Chilled Beam, Ceiling Mounted Air Terminal Unit, Venturi air Valve, Modular Air handling unit, Bag in Bag Out housings and well other innovative technologies.

EB Air’s products are generally applied to following markets;

  1. Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
  2. Research Laboratories
  3. Universities and Institutional Buildings
  4. Schools and Libraries
  5. Office and Commercial Buildings
  6. Waste Water Plant
  7. Nuclear and Power Plant

A strong percentage of EB Air products are exported to US and other countries with design team working out with various consulting and architectural firms’ different layout and sizing of products that are procured through an open bidding process.

EB Air is a certified ISO-9001: 2015 company as well carries affiliation to KTA-1401, which is a German nuclear standard for application to nuclear and other heavy duty industries.

List of Goods Produced;

  1. Industrial Bubble Tight Damper
  2. Commercial Positive Seal Damper
  3. Induction Unit
  4. Air Terminal Chilled Beam
  5. Venturi Air Valve
  6. Modular Air Handling Unit