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Induction Units vs Fan Coil Units

Induction units and fan coils units have been the choice of decentralized air conditioning for commercial buildings for a long time. They are installed below the suspended ceilings for aligning themselves with the heating and cooling loads. Induction unit is a type of air handling unit that is an element of the HVAC system that

Plasma Air

Plasma Air International Plasma Air International Plasma Air International manufactures air purification products that result in healthier, more productive indoor environments in industrial, institutional, and commercial applications. The company uses highly efficient bipolar ionization technology to dramatically improve the air quality in grow facilities, schools, casinos and other challenging environments. For further details on the

Solid Air

Solid Air -Innovative solutions for indoor climate technology Solid Air -Innovative solutions for indoor climate technology Company Brochure Solid Air is an international specialist in innovative solutions in the field of climate and ventilation air technology. The head quarter is located in the north of the Netherlands, near Groningen, with sales offices in Amsterdam, Germany,

Introduction to 4 different types of HVAC systems

The mechanism that works behind cooling and heating our homes seems to be a complicated one too many but in reality, the basics of heating and air conditioning are quite understandable concepts. An HVAC system that stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning aims to make the indoor environment comfortable. HVAC systems are divided into