Solid Air -Innovative solutions for indoor climate technology

Solid Air -Innovative solutions for indoor climate technology

Company Brochure

Solid Air is an international specialist in innovative solutions in the field of climate and ventilation air technology. The head quarter is located in the north of the Netherlands, near Groningen, with sales offices in Amsterdam, Germany, France and United Kingdom.

SAI product range is large, from grills and air handling units to chilled beams, climate ceilings and fire safety products. The Company provides products from outdoor louver till diffusers and different variations in between.

SAI factory has its own engineering department and can develop specific solutions and products based on application no matter how unique the case may be. The company has solid back ground in climate engineering as well.

The main market for SA products are in Offices, Commercial complexes, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality Business, Schools, Multi-Purpose Centers, Stadiums, Residential construction which includes both new and retrofit applications.

Solid Air is part of the Nijburg Industry Group. The sister companies within this group are Velu, (climate advisory wholesaler) Nijburg Climate Engineering (engineering, assembly / installation) and Nijburg Products (production / manufacturing).

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  • Fabrication and Assembly for all products in house
  • Testing and Validation of products
  • Compliance to full Quality Standards under ISO-9001:2015 and KTA-1401
  • Design and Modeling of products both in 2D and 3D schematics
  • Dampers for Nuclear Power Plants.
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