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New Fit EB Air HVAC Enclosure and Its Benefits

Most Perimeter HVAC units are enclosed in some form of metal housings which offers advantages in terms of congenial looks and protection of the unit against undue damage/ wear and tear over several years. However, with the passage of time over and above maintenance of perimeter HVAC units (PTAC, FCU, Induction, Slant Fin), operations and energy efficiency became key drivers to designing both unit and enclosures. Enclosures became external cladding for perimeter units that not only hid any manufacturing or assembly flaws but offered a seamless look throughout the perimeter of a building often creating an illusion of mystery box that circulates air.

Moreover, in older generation units/ enclosures, one could assess hissing noises and often air leaking out of casing perhaps on account of some sort of air short circuiting. In modern times enclosures production has become more scientific in terms of shapes and sizes including curvature, corners yield in a single roll out process rather than stitching several prices together and forming the full cover. The process has simplified hence assembly of an enclosure is much faster today than older design or make, making newer ones with lower carbon footprint and practically no chemical off gassing from paints or inorganic compounds used to covering the stitches or welds.

Benefits of New Designs

As demand for aesthetics combined with energy efficiency is focused, EB Air has started working on new designs of HVAC enclosures encompassing replacement of old heavy duty covers with light weight energy compliant. New Generation enclosures are a quick fit and can be installed and removed in no time at a fraction of time and cost.

In the case of Anti Ligature covers, newer ones don’t need to be very fancy expensive or heavy weight. EB Air designed HVAC enclosures can be converted to Anti Ligature with few added design inputs including making such enclosures tamper proof and matching to behavioral section protocols.

With such advantages, EB Air Control is offering its clients a one-stop opportunity to design, fabricate and procure both HVAC units and its related enclosures from one supplier rather coordinating with different pints in completing the full solution at job site. With EB Air assuming full scope and responsibility, the client should remain worry free throughout the entire process and enjoy the benefits of a transformed look.

ebair_wpNew Fit EB Air HVAC Enclosure and Its Benefits